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Product Sustainability Team

By Serena Gazzo – Sustainability Data Analyst

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In recent years, the demand for sustainability has become increasingly articulate, often involving specific studies on product and process sustainability. To meet this market demand, Lamberti ’s sustainability strategy includes conducting product sustainability studies for its core technologies.

Internal LCA Experts

Internal LCA Experts

To meet the growing market interest in evaluating product environmental performance, Lamberti established an internal team of life cycle assessment (LCA) experts. The team completed a specialized course led by sector experts, acquiring theoretical and practical skills for data collection, product modeling, and result communication in line with specific guidelines.
In 2022, the team passed an exam to earn the life cycle assessment expert certificate. They also presented their course project at a public conference, showcasing their expertise.
Lamberti served as a case study, highlighting the value of an internal multidisciplinary team with legislative, technical, and marketing expertise to support both internal functions and external communication.

The Lamberti PST team is composed by Lamberto Lamberti ( Head of Group Sustainability), Laura De Michele (Legislation and Certification Specialist), Serena Gazzo and Thomas Gallo ( Technical Specialists and LCA Practitioners).

Esacol® 506/E - The first certification of a carbon footprint study

Esacol<sup>®</sup> 506/E - The first certification of a carbon footprint study

In addition to preparing studies for various products, our Product Sustainability Team was asked to certify the carbon footprint study of Esacol® 506/E, a hydroxypropyl guar derivative.

A cradle-to-gate measurement was conducted based on the ISO 14067:2018 standard.
The certification process, conducted by SGS, included three phases:

  • Document verification
  • On-site verification
  • Review

The audit process lasted approximately a month, culminating in the issuance of the Verification Declaration without the need for any additional verification phase.

This was a great achievement for our first certified study!