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The impact we make today has a powerful rippling effect tomorrow.

Small but collective changes have the power to create a massive impact. Our sustainability design aims towards a new alliance between the environment and human behavior by transparently upholding our commitments to environmental stewardship and social well-being, while securing economic prosperity.

We feel the responsibility that is placed on the shoulders of our generation and we are ready to do our part: the impact we make today has a powerful rippling effect tomorrow.

Impact Talks is our playground where rise questions, collect and share new horizons: a series of conversations to question each other and to become agents of change.

Sustainable Fashion and the stakeholder role

29 March 2022 - 10:00 -11:00 am CET
Sustainable Fashion and the stakeholder role

Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (CMNI) is a nonprofit making Association which coordinates and promotes the development of Italian Fashion, representing more than 50% of the turnover of Italian fashion and more than 60.000 companies. CMNI  in the last years focused the attention on sustainability topics with a strong attention to the people. In this talk, we discover the main activities  promoted by CMNI to maintain the role of Italian fashion in the world  with the awareness of reducing the global environmental impact and offering more opportunities for a better life.

This gives the opportunity for chemical companies, which are at the beginning of the value chain, to understand how to deal with the change that is taking place in a sector that has always anticipated the trends.

Typically, chemical companies were focused on environmental emissions reduction and elimination of dangerous chemicals: now the context has changed, it is more complex with a strong interest also in recycling and recovery.

Chiara LuisiCMNI Sustainability Projects Coordinator, will contribute to talk, compare, discuss, to create a common horizon for sustainability.

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