Webinar, New UNI–ISO 11228-1  

17 June 2022 , 10:00 a.m. (CEST)

Continuous improvement: our driver for Health and Safety

Continuous improvement: our driver for Health and Safety

In our plant in Zanica ( BG, Itlay)  we decided to approach the Risk Assessment deriving from Manual Handling of Loads (MMC), going beyond the “simple” application of the classic methodology: we decided to improve a detailed ergonomic assessment.

To carry out the analysis, we involved our production teams. They actively collaborate, but most of all, they have the opportunity to directly observe, participate and contribute to all the activities. Through the ergonomic analysis, we were able to reach a very high level of detail in the risk assessment, including all the operations, even the simplest ones and immediately defining the possible improvement actions.

Due to this great experience, we have decided to extend the ergonomic analysis to all Italian plants with a structured timeline.

Our experience and path will be presented during the event organized on 17 June by Confindustria Bergamo.

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