Hyperdispersing Agents 

Polymeric Surfactants

Polymeric Surfactants

Our hyperdispersing agents belong to the wide family of polymeric surfactants. 

Precise definition of polymeric surfactants by now does not exist. By simplifying, we can define them as polymers with surfactant properties. With this interpretation, polymeric surfactants differ from conventional monomeric surfactants in much higher molecular weight. 

In a broad sense, also products known since many years like high molecular weight ethylene oxide/propylene oxide copolymers or naphthalene sulfonates/formaldehyde condensates may therefore be considered as polymeric surfactants. Сompared to conventional monomeric surfactants, these “old” polymeric surfactants in some cases might give performance improvements, but they do not represent a real technological break-through.

On the contrary, we at Lamberti developed polymeric surfactants, i.e. Hyperdispeing Agents,  that can deliver effects unattainable with conventional ones. Our hyperdispersing agents have outstanding dispersion properties and, at the same time, can be also extremely effective as emulsifiers and emulsion stabilizers. The key feature is that they provide a much better interaction with both continuous and dispersed phase.