A day as a Chemist in Lamberti 

  • Davide Secchi, Scientific Education Manager
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Un giorno da chimico in Lamberti

Un giorno da chimico in Lamberti

It is an initiative towards the community of Albizzate and Valdarno, Italy. 

Since 2016, every year we host classes from primary schools of Albizzate and Valdarno and of junior high schools in Albizzate. They live a morning experience inside our laboratories, learning by doing.
It is a way to introduce chemistry to young students, a way to widen their horizon towards sustainable chemistry. The project aims to spread the culture of chemistry in the new generations and to show to our local young people what Lamberti is and does.

Materials, Energy and Environment

Materials, Energy and Environment

We face, in agreement with the teachers, 3 macro-areas: materials, energy and environment.
The morning is divided into 2 main moments: a lesson on the subject and an experimental session in the laboratory where the students, accompanied by our collegues,  become little chemists.

This year we met 180 students,  in 10 sessions.

Due to the pandemic, the meetings this year have been held online.
That represented an important challenge for our colleagues, who became "teachers for a day": transferring the experiments to video was an experiment within the experiment.

On the one hand, the lessons and part of the experiments were "live", on the other we filmed the experiments in case the live broadcast did not work. It was a complex and demanding job that involved 16 colleagues, divided into three teams, including the plant manager who welcomed the students during all the meetings.

The result, despite the distance, seemed to be very positive for both the students and the teachers who sent us the drawings made by the young chemists after the meeting. Our colleagues are also happy with the result even if they regret not having been able to meet the guys live.

There remains the awareness of the important role we have towards our community and that we can and must always do better.