Lamberti Transforma - Creating Shared Value 

Leonardo Valentinis and Silvia Caironi had a conversation about the partnership that originated “Lamberti Transforma” Project.

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How all started

Leonardo met Silvia through a mutual friend and was invited to be part of the Advisory Board of the NGO directed by her, “Aventura de Construir” (AdC). Leonardo never directly sought voluntary work, and never wished for himself the image of "Good Samaritan" that permeates stereotypes related to this kind of activity, but, knowing the work of AdC, he  decided to take part on it, as reported in his words:

"I realized that it is a good thing, driven by people who do this with real dedication, donating their time to what they are doing without any ideological discourse behind it, being an initiative whose goal is to generate real participation, generate real conditions for people to live better, so I liked the proposal".  Leonardo Valentinis

Beginnings of “Lamberti Transforma” project

Beginnings of “Lamberti Transforma” project

Following the development of Lamberti group's sustainability  report in 2019, Leonardo came up with the partnership suggestion to Lamberti group´s board, stating that if they really intended to start social projects, we had a great opportunity here in Brazil!

"Everything that generates good is born of a person, is not born of an ideology or from any prior definition of some institution...but is born from the will of a person, and, in my case, it was so too ."
Leonardo Valentinis

Knowing the institution's work, its reliability and the dignity with which they conduct their work, Leonardo believed it was a project that Lamberti could embrace as a company, not to put "medals on the chest", but because he sees an affinity between the vision of the two companies:

"The goal is to create wealth in the sense of creating work, so there is an affinity there [...] we generate value, and value is not something that ends in itself... value generates value, generates growth and AdC also acts this way. [...] You can do good in several ways: giving money to someone on the streets, donating o “walk with their own legs” would be something more related to our way of being (in the Lamberti group). For me, both initiatives have value, [...] you can give assistance or carry out a project like Lamberti Transforma... therefore there is no “a priori” scheme, things happen according to the needs and the connection of those involved. My contribution was to suggest this partnership and through my network of contacts make way for more companies to follow the same path."  Leonardo Valentinis diaper packages, donating grocery hampers¹ (as we did by donating 200 hampers¹ to the city of Nova Odessa), all this is doing good, and it is not a matter of better or worse, it is a matter of greater affinity with the method. I thought that participating in something that is not purely welfare, but that gives tools for people t

Creating Shared Value

Creating Shared Value

In Silvia Caironi´s view the main advantage of working in partnership with a private company is the creation of shared value:

"Private companies need to see a dynamism, [...] a flexibility, it is in this sense that I introduce the concept of shared value.
It is about building value, which is not only for the NGO or the beneficiaries, but for all stakeholders of the project.
It is defined together, built together... this is the biggest difference between working with private companies and having funding from other sources.
It means to share a vision and build a proposal that responds to this vision together!"

"When I met Leonardo, it really impressed me when we went to meet some microentrepreneurs and he told me " – Do you understand the difference between us, who managed to study in good universities, and these microentrepreneurs? The difference is the opportunities we've had and they haven't, it's not a case of lack of potential." Silvia Caironi

The method adopted in Lamberti Transforma project to generate shared value is to look at the person and his reality first, then to understand what can generate a change in this context and what should be done to build better opportunities for that person and his/hers micro enterprise. Thus, the technical and human aspects are brought together in the construction of these opportunities so that the initiative is really transformative for all involved from the microentrepreneurs who are part of the project to the consultants of AdC and Lamberti volunteers, as Leonardo and Silvia comment:

"If you don't have the personal aspect involved, it's merely protocol, [...] before we meet standards, we are people. In this project, if it weren’t for the personal aspect, it would not have started, [...] we wouldn't have gotten involved. [...] And the shared value that this generated was to trigger the energies of the people within our company: we saw a professionalism in volunteers that makes room for another way to see the relationships between people within the company. I noticed in our people involved the generosity and the dedication with which they were ready to help... I didn't pressured anyone, it was a free choice... so I think that this path is leading to a good direction. " Leonardo Valentinis

Social Responsibility with Integral People

Social Responsibility with Integral People
Leonardo Valentinis, Head of Lamberti Brazil - Silvia Caironi, Co-founder of Aventura de Construir

"Every company comes to a moment, and I think this moment has come for us, when it is necessary to assume its responsibility not only in the generation of wealth (such as products, goods and services), but a responsibility also in the social context. For now we are seeing that we start this path with the AdC in the right direction [...], because you grow as an organization, as people and take a different path [...] we don't know how far it goes and how far it will change our way of being and working, but it is already bringing changes...and that's good! [...] It's a change that allows people to be themselves within the company...I would say that this is the main point: we are seeing that each of us can be a good person and a good professional, being an integral person...and not partly oneself in our workplace." Leonardo Valentinis

"The main challenge of a project is to accept that, despite the planning, there are things that are known and other that aren´t [...] and that can generate unforeseen events, but [...] these unforeseen events are the real surprises of a project! The most important thing is (to allow that) what we do to surprises us...I understand that we are at the beginning of this project, because we only worked a month with the beneficiaries... so we don't know what's going to happen, but if we have the tenacity to keep the person at the center, to admit that we don't know what's best for the others and we give them the opportunity to find out what are their needs, because this reveals itself over time... it's not a thing that a person already knows before... we don't know before, we need people to express themselves in a safe space in which they can communicate everything, difficulties, doubts, problems, good things, this becomes a building environment...enabling the construction of the person and the enterprise."  Silvia Caironi

“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood,
divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.”

 Antoine de Saint-Exupéry