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Learning by sharing, a living community

Within Lamberti Transforma we started our journey on 8th  Febraury 2021 with virtual classroom  and we now  are starting the mentoring activities.
Learning to use technology is one of the objectives of this path: a great challenge to start immediately using a platform, zoom, to teach!
At the very beginning we started with fear and concern: the learning conditions were not and are certainly not the most favourable. But often when the context is difficult we can find hidden resources that leave us amazed. This is what happened with the so-called distance learning: a lot of worry, a lot of fear, but everything worked perfectly. Thus that black computer screen has become an incredible place for exchange, enrichment, knowledge, sharing, learning.

To make the learning process more interactive and productive, we invited some  testimonials and engaged   a couple of participants to present their businees, breaking the ice with some questions. In this way we were able to punch the screen and overcome barriers and resistances.

Mutual learning and help: let's zoom into classroom

Mutual learning and help: let's zoom into classroom

We are building  a small but  wide community of mutual learning and help: some colleagues from Lambra,  also joined it. Nelson Peres (financial supervisor) and Natacha Bortoletto ( financial controller), supported the class in the lessons about economical aspect like bdgt controlling and cash flow; Alannah Guerrero and Elaine Crepaldi worked on the meaning of being an entrepreneur and how technology contribute to this.

Let's zoom into classroom.
The economic aspects, like costs control, are always seen as something difficult to manage and monitor: but a few simple tools can make the difference. Nelson, presented an example of a beauty salon "Hawai Hairdressers" and stressed the importance of always evaluating the balance of the box and the bank:

"When we pay personal accounts with company's money, the understanding should be that we take an advance on the company.  So when it comes the day you take your pro-labore you should discount this value
 Tahiane, a participant.


We also count during this lesson on some testimonials  from people who have already lived similar transition: Sabrina Carvalho (pedagogist and owner of a grocery store in Vila Aurora, a raising community in the  West outskirt of São Paulo) told about her story,  helping them to understand  their reality and to identify their greatest needs.

The entrepreneur needs to have at 360° overview of his/her own situation and of the context in which he/she is inserted.  In this wide perspective, technology can be a tool to overcome difficulties.

We can start with something simple, such as a disclosure of products by WhatsApp status or a submission in the transmission list.

Gaining security to move forward.

Gaining security to move forward.

It is essential to value the small steps to gain security and be able to move forward.

Marcela, a participant, commented that:  

"A great challenge was to deal with the shame of not working with a physical space, but at home. Despite being able to better deal with my insecurity, by understanding each day the value of my work, the process is long and requires a lot of dedication and study."

Let's follow one another to boost our work

Shame and fear are very common feelings that unit the participants: being able to express and encourage each other is a resource.

"I´m also very ashamed. I don't even promote my work because of that shame. Listening to them (Sabrina and Marcela) talking, makes me wanting to do more...I see that is possible"

For that reason we encourage them to support each other also using social media as a place where it is possible to emphasize the importance of appreciating the work of each other, creating a network and strengthening it.