She Dares, Ray of hope shines the brightest 

Covid19 came most heavily upon people earning hand-to-mouth

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Earn bread for the family

Earn bread for the family
Selected candidates for the training

Daily wagers of Ramsar Palawala - village near Jaipur city in Rajasthan - too were in the clutches of the pandemic; their survival had become a challenge due to loss of livelihood.
They needed work that could help them earn enough to make their ends meet.

She Dares program inaugurated on 18th July 2021 in the Presence of Mr Mahendra Tripathi, Country Head - Lamberti India came like boon to these families.
It imparted vocational training to women to help them earn bread for the family.

Training with IICD

Training with IICD
Artist Padmaram ji amongst the trainees

Under She Dares, PANS - the not-for-profit organisation - tied up with one of the most renowned Craft & Design College of India – Indian Institure of Craft & Design (IICD) - to train candidates on various employable skills.

After a basic skill test examination, 20 candidates under the age of 25 were selected for the training.

The selected candidates got the opportunity to train under academic & industry expert - Ms Chanchal Rathore - who holds rich experience of 15 years in craft making and traditional art training.
Completion of embroidery training with Padmaram ji - an incredible artist, holding 40 years of experience in traditional embroidery art of Barmer, in Rajasthan. He’s the third generation in his family to practice this art.

Maximizing the impact

Maximizing the impact
Celebration at IICD

To maximize the impact of program, 30 more candidates were selected for basic training in embroidery, stitching, crocheting & Zardosi work to get promoted to IICD for advanced training. Two very experienced trainers were got on board to help train these candidates.

To keep the training effective, a strict trainer to trainee ratio of 20:1 is always maintained. This helps in focusing on every individual & their progress. As a result, trainees feel motivated and enjoy the training. Every day, the attendance recorded at the centre is between 90-95%.

Lamberti aims at overall positive impact of the initiative, hence every aspect of the training is thought through before being carried out. The clothes/fabrics used in the training are reusable fabrics that are procured by PANS from their Scrap Cloth Drive.


Independence Day Celebration

Independence Day Celebration
Flag Hosting by Chota Devi - 70 year old

Women are engaged in various activities & celebrations to keep them motivated and involved.

Independence Day was celebrated at the center in a very special manner... the National Anthem was sung by all beneficiaries and the flag was hoisted by the most young-at-heart beneficiary of She dares: Chota Devi - 70 year old   – who wanted to study to complete secondary education and got enrolled in the program on special request.

All the beneficiaries were then taken to IICD campus for cultural activities where they enjoyed whole heartedly.

Glimpse of embroidery work done by the women under training