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Adventure yourself : Aventure-se


We believe in local territorial development of “periphery” as alternative engine of income generation,  transformation and positive social and environmental impact.

Lamberti Trasforma project is a clear example of this vision.

Aventura de Costruir (AdC),  the non-profit organization which is organizing Lamberti Transforma, to spread the importance of knowledge and training for entrepreneurship in the periphery,  launched an information campaign in São Paulo Subway presenting positive examples of protagonists and their businesses.



Information Campaign

Information Campaign

The campaign started on June 1, 2022, for a period of 3 months until August 31, 2020. 

It will be based on

  •  37 posters in 26 stations based on
  • 10 stories of microentrepreneurs of which
  • 3 stories have been supported by Lamberti Trasforma project
  • videos broadcated in the train televisions.

In the 37 pieces of visual communication, we present the difficulties identified in entrepreneurs periphery, and the positive examples of those who managed to deal with these issues, from formations. In each of the pieces there are QR Codes that take the public to know more deeply these stories, available on the AdC blog.


Our entrepreneurs