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Lamberti X Consorzio FA

We are. Giornata in dono.

Every year, for us Christmas means being together with our community. We love working with different ONG involved in our territories. After the experiences with Radice nel Fiume in Varese, near our headquarter, and Mani in pasta Fiorano, next to our ceramics center, this December we had the chance to work with Consorzio FA, near our Zanica plant. 

We decided to create this collaboration not only for our choice to gift their boxes to our employees in the Italian territories, but also to allow our colleagues to leave a deep and powerful experience working together with Consorzio Fa's guys.

We want to reinforce our effort for social instances, and we proudly want to be part of the growth of social initiatives on the territory.

Our Zanica's Plant Director, Jacopo Colombo, said: "Spending time together with the young people and volunteers of CONSORZIO FA, we will have the opportunity to realize how the Christmas box has a particular meaning and a value that goes far beyond its content, both for those who prepare it and for those to which it is given. I'm sure that after we have had this experience, the gift box that will be distributed in December will have emotional content that will make it a real Christmas present!"

Little gestures like this may have a bigger impact on other people's lives, improving the quality of our society's wellness. 

Consorzio FA

Consorzio Fa's Mission aims to help fragile families in difficulty, providing assistance to disadvantaged people thanks to social-work reintegration activities, offering support to the disabled, family reception for children and mothers with children, lodging houses for the protection of minors.

They strongly believe in respect for the person and individual diversity and in the importance of social integration.

Stefano, from Consorzio FA, told us about the daily work they do with the guys to reach the objectives of their life's project. As educators, they must listen and follow the guys, addressing them in their life for the best service or work environment.

Cristina manages the SFA services, which include mentoring young people through the work environment and monitoring the skills and competences they can offer. During the Christmas and Easter periods, they proceed to make favors. These operations include the manual settlement of the favors and all the logistics processes concerning the selection of the materials, stocking, and so on. With this approach they give the chance, also to those guys who have manual difficulty, to deploy and develop their skills and competencies. 

Giornata in dono

Lia told us about the fundamental cotribute of the "giornate in dono". A Giornata in dono consists in allowing the employees of the partner company to live and work for a day together with the special guys of SFA. These are precious moments for both Lamberti's employees and for the guys who live in the Consorzio community because they have the chance to cooperate and work with other people to enrich their daily routine.

Our experience with Consorzio FA

Rossella, our logistic specialist in Zanica, adhered to the Giornata in Dono because she believes in volunteering and she enjoys staying with the guys to help them in their daily routine. She worked for a day with Consorzio FA's people to make all the Christmas cards that will be delivered with the gift for the Lamberti population.

We believe that sociality is a crucial aspect of the sustainability concept, which needs to be explored and exploited with the same importance as well as all the other facets of sustainability challenges.

We are. Community.

we are. Christmas