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Our collaboration with "I Bambini delle Fate"

Our collaboration with "I Bambini delle Fate"
Franco and Andrea, father and son who started the business

We, as Lamberti, recognize the value and importance of being socially responsible.

Lamberti is proud to collaborate with "I Bambini delle Fate", a social enterprise that since 2005 is committed to guaranteeing economic support and a path of social inclusion for various projects aimed at helping families with disabilities.

The role of the company is to raise funds with an innovative system: they work to create groups of supporters who, like Lamberti, are committed over time to helping the realization of projects aimed at giving a chance for a better life to many families who have lived among the difficulties with autism and disability.

"I Bambini delle Fate" is headquartered in Castelfranco Veneto, close to our Trissino Plant and our Leather Division Center.

Franco and Andrea

"When a serious disability enters family life it is like an earthquake. An earthquake that follows you throughout your entire life. You do not know what to do and nobody helps you" this is how Franco, Andrea's father, tells about his daily life with his son, an unpredictable and hard everyday life, but made of Love

Facing the world of disability and the poor assistance services that families suffer, Franco decided to do something, putting himself into action with his entrepreneurial experience by founding "I Bambini delle Fate"

We are. Community

Through "I Bambini delle Fate" we contribute to the continuity of "ABAut" project.
ABAut aims to help families with children diagnosed with autism:

  • giving advice and information to families with a new diagnosis of autism
  • giving economic support to families who are already following or are about to start an educational path.
  • supporting the families with dedicated specialists.