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A New Horizon in Safety

Lamberti and BASF Italia to Enhanced HSE Practices

By Davide Secchi, Scientific EDucation Manager, Lamberti

Safer together

Safer together

On Wednesday 17 April, in a collaboration that demonstrates its commitment to safety and environmental protection, Lamberti hosted at its Viguzzolo plant the HSE staff of  BASF Italia, the global leader in chemical production.  

Nineteen Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) representatives from BASF Italia's main manufacturing plants convened at Lamberti Viguzzolo to share knowledge and practices aimed at elevating safety standards in chemical manufacturing plants.

Recognizing that safety knows no boundaries, the gathering emphasized the indispensable nature of collaboration in fostering a culture of safety. Through the exchange of insights and expertise, both parties aimed to fortify the safety of personnel and local communities alike.

During the visit, the discussion touched on various aspects related to the safety of a chemical plant, from logistics, production, quality control and emergency plans.

Discussions also covered crucial topics such as Energy Savings, Sustainability, HSE training and education, and proactive measures to mitigate accidental risks.

The experience proved immensely enriching, underscoring the significance of initiatives that prioritize safety above all else.
By placing safety at the forefront, BASF Italia and Lamberti Viguzzolo exemplified a shared vision of excellence, setting a precedent for industry-wide cooperation and advancement.

This collaborative endeavor not only symbolizes a profound commitment to safety and environmental responsibility but also heralds a new era of innovation and progress in chemical manufacturing. Through continued collaboration and shared learning, these industry leaders aim to set new benchmarks in safety standards, ensuring the well-being of individuals and the preservation of the environment remain paramount.