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Talks on Sustainable Chemistry


Edoardo IannuzziChief Sustainability Officer at ACBC

Gabriele CostaGlobal Product Manager – Bio Resins & Additives

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Innovation and Sustainabiity in footwear: the ACBC paradigm

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ACBC, acronym for Anything Can Be Changed, is an Italian startup born in 2017 from the intuition of two young Italian entrepreneurs, Edoardo Iannuzzi and Gio Giacobbe, with the aim of dedicating themselves to the design and production of sustainable products in the Fashion & Sportswear market. The philosophy of the brand is in fact to share its know-how on sustainable materials and technologies to reduce the environmental impact coming from the production of shoes through the creation of dedicated capsule collections made in collaboration with third-party brands, among those already acquired there are Diadora and Missoni. ACBC will Illustrate an innovative change in mindset to develop sustainable foot ware, made by accelerating the requirements of development for new sustainable Materials, Re-designing the shoes working in cooperation with Brand designers and raw material suppliers and therefore enhancing sustainable attributes. Many example of collaborations in networking and innovation to improve the end life of products such as recyclability, impact of emissions, renewability